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Amazing Small Business Grants Funding Opportunities

If you are looking into funding opportunities, you will definitely want to consider the many various schemes that focus on one thing specifically – providing you with feasible and viable ways to fund your SME. It’s not easy to get yourself started, but we can assure you that there are many opportunities for your dreams to become a reality: Science Infrastructure Retail Cross-border partnership Export There are many areas that

Looking for Awesome Business Grants?

Looking for the best business grants for your small enterprise? You’ve come to the right place and we can offer you quite a few viable options this year. 2019 is definitely the year in which you will take off if you are a small business owner. There are many different types of way to do this way. However, our preferred method is Small Business Grants. Let’s tell you more about

How to Apply for Business Grants Offered by America’s Seed Fund

America’s Seed Fund is a program created by the National Science Foundation and part of the Division of Innovations and Partnerships. The National Science Foundation is a federal agency which was created with the goal of supporting research and development in all areas of science and engineering. America’s Seed Fund is dedicated to small businesses and startups with high-risk and high impact enterprises. Each year, the program offers around $200

Rural Business Development Grants Offered by USDA

Business grants can help small businesses start or grow and rural areas can benefit even more from them. Small businesses based in USA rural areas have a few such opportunities and the following one is one of the most important. Rural communities in USA can benefit from the Rural Business Development Grants offered by USDA (United Stated Department of Agriculture). The grants are dedicated to small businesses – who will

Apply for the Amber Grant for Women

The Amber Grant for Women was created in 1998 to honor the memory of a young girl named Amber, who died too young (when she was 19), before being able to fulfill her dreams. The grant was launched by WomensNet, an entrepreneurial community for women, which was founded at the same time as the grant. WomensNet offers free advice to female entrepreneurs, about obtaining business grants and financial success in