Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are technologies that are used in order to collect and receive information and data in a certain website. There are different kinds of cookies. It can also be a file with an identifier like a string of letters and numbers. There may also be session cookies and persistent cookies in the website. The persistent cookies store your data and information for a certain date until the expiry date or until it is deleted while the session cookies will expire once the session ends or the website is closed.

Usually ,cookies do not have personal data but the personal information stored in the website about you may be connected or may contain information from cookies.

Cookies used in the website:

Session. These are cookies used to operate services.

Preference. This is used so that the site could remember your preferences.

Security. This one is for security purposes

Authentication. This is used to identify you whenever you visit the site.

Status. This is used to see if you are logged in to the website.

Advertising. This is used to see what relevant advertisements will be shown to you.

Cookies from Service Providers

There may be third party companies that will use and provide services on our behalf to know how our services are being used. These third party companies will have access to your personal data but only for the purpose of doing these tasks on our behalf. They are in no way to disclose your data or use it in other ways.

This third party companies or provides may also use cookies that may be stored on a computer when visiting the website.

Managing cookies

Your browser will give you an option to accept, refuse, and delete cookies. This depends on the browser you are using and its version but most browsers have it.

Deleting Cookies

To know how to delete cookies in your browser, you can search it up depending on what browser you use and the instructions will be listed by the browser you are using too.

Refusing Cookies

As mentioned, you may refuse cookies from our website but this may result to your access and use of the website and its services to being limited.

Laws about Cookies

There are certain laws like data privacy laws that cover the existence of cookies. However, most laws in countries require the website to make certain disclosures about the use of cookies in the website. The laws from (insert country) will be the one applied to this website that will cover how the cookies and data being transferred and stored.