In this world, a lot of people go on through their daily motions and activities with no hassle or problem. Some would go to work, some to school, others would visit the park, and many more. However, there are also a lot of people who see every day as a struggle to continue on living. This is because these people suffer from diseases and ailments that are often difficult to cure, incurable at all, or expensive to cure. For them, every day is a fight in order for them to be able to continue to see another day.

There are diseases like cancer that have more than 100 variations, making it extremely difficult to cure as a whole. There have been discoveries on how to ?cure? certain types of cancer based on early prognosis of the disease. This usually happens to cancers like breast cancer, melanoma, and prostate cancer among many others. Whenever people say that their cancer has been ?cured?, most of the times it is because they have undergone chemotherapy and the malignant abnormal growth of the cells had only been stopped or removed. However, the problem with this is that this doesn?t permanently guarantee that the cancer cells have been removed. In fact there are cases wherein a person thought their cancer had already been removed but it came back a few months later because cancer is an evolving disease. This is why there are still lots of research firms trying to find the cure for cancer.

These research firms do expensive researches and experiments for this problem and they need money to be able to fund them. Private equity firms are often the ones that decide to become the private investor for them, especially for start-up research firms. They see the potential in this area of business and in start-up firms engaging in this business.

One of the biggest and well-known venture capital firms in the world that engages with this is the Lilly Asia Ventures. It is actually the investment branch or arm of the leading global pharmaceuticals, Eli Lilly and Company. They help fund start-up companies and firms involved in researching in order to help them develop groundbreaking breakthrough products in the field of science and medicine especially. These products are aimed to help improve human health and to cure diseases.

Lilly Asia Ventures isn?t the only one in the market. There are also other venture capital firms like ARCH Venture Partners. ARCH Venture partners also provide investments to companies involved in science research and innovations. Sequoia China also invest in companies that are involved with science however, their scope is more general, and it includes other areas not related to science like TMT, and consumer/service among others. The difference with Lilly Asia Ventures is that as the investment arm of a big and global pharmaceutical company, they have already established a name for themselves and their reach and scope are wider as compared to other venture capital that focuses on one area or location only.

Lilly Asia Ventures has also shown promise and potential. They have invested in a lot of companies like the merger firms, HJB and MabSpace. The two firms recently merged to found the Transcenta Holding Ltd. (Transcenta).

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