If you want to start a SME on the territory of the European Union, you are in luck. There are many grants that you will allow you to get the financial end of things all set up.

The European Union is a really cool place to get yourself started in the world of business. There are many verticals that the European Commission, the executive body of the European Union has anticipated in order to make your businesses fly. Let’s take a look at some of those:

  • Improving SMEs’ access to finance and markets
  • Supporting the EU’s energy, transport and digital networks
  • Improving European research and innovation
  • Reducing wealth disparities between European regions
  • Supporting agriculture in the European Union

As you can see, there are many verticals that your business can operate in. The European Union will always turn a good eye on your activities as long as you can promise them to add value. There are many cool programs to benefit from as well:

  • Regional cooperation & development
  • HORIZON 2020

The later is the EU’s scientific program. It’s mostly dedicated to academics, but you will find it quite accommodating to SMEs as long as you can add value to the sector that you are targeting.

When it comes to securing the funding, you will most certainly want to know that everything is safe to begin with. This is also what the EU will expect from you. There are many steps that you need to fulfil in order to qualify ? both European and regional.

It’s possible for you to hit a snag with either one of these, but thankfully, there are local centres in each country, and possibly in more than one city, which means that you can pursue a lot of things while having extra funding from a reliable third-party.

In all events, you will be quite pleased with the possibilities for funding in the European Union. We can guarantee you that this is one of the best ways to approach the subject too. The EU has long been sworn to helping people and getting them develop their business.

This is one of the most vital aspects of the industry in the long term. With this in mind, we will want to help you to really move ahead with your work. When it comes to developing businesses, the EU is really supportive.

Looking for an opportunity to grow your own enterprise in 2019? You should most certainly look into EU funding right now.

We’ve already covered quite a few grant opportunities in previous writings. The size of the EU programs amounts to millions of euro for a 5-year period. Funding can be secured repeatedly, as long as there is the performance to back the request for more funds. Consider the following:

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) makes funding available to small companies through:

  • the School milk scheme, the School fruit scheme and the Promotion of EU farm products
  • direct payment under the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund
  •  the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

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